Travel Insurance :

The insurance, that is intended to cover medical expenses, financial and other losses incurred while travelling, is Overseas Travel Insurance. At the time of booking of a tour to cover accurately the duration of that tour, one should manage Travel Insurance, which often provides coverage for a variety of travelers. All different options, that can be insured, are Business travel, student travel, leisure travel, cruise travel, adventure travel and international travel.

Travel Insurance covers the following most common risks:

- Emergency evacuation/ repatriation
- Medical expenses
- Overseas funeral expenses
- Cancellation
- Accidental death, injury or disablement benefit
- Curtailment
- Loss, theft or damage to individual possessions and money (inclusive of travel documents)
- Delayed departure
- Legal assistance
- Delayed baggage (and emergency replacement of necessary items)
- Personal liability and rental car damage excess

Common Exclusions :

- Preexisting medical conditions
- Pregnancy related expenses
- War or terrorism
- Injury or illness caused by alcohol or drug use

Helpful services, including concierge services and emergency travel assistance, often 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, can also be provided by Travel Insurance.

Points to be Remembered :

- Required Medical Reports
- Urine Test Report
- E.C.G. Report
- Fasting Blood Sugar Report
- Medical Request Form to be filled by M. D. Doctor Only
- No medical reports for passenger up to 70 years of age
- Max. Number of Days of Travel: 180 Days
- Minimum Number of Days of Travel: 4 Days
- Max Age Limit : 80 Years