Health And Well Being :

Health & wellness

Thailand is far-famed all over the world for its health and wellness activities & centers where one can rejuvenate his mind, body and soul. These activities are now becoming a majority's lifestyle and tourists can be often seen indulged into Yoga, Reiki, meditation, and Pranic Healing etc. There are an array of spas, wellness centers and meditation institutions, which offer a great level of pampering accompanied with elegance, and luxury d The use of traditional medicines (both Thai and Chinese) is one of the most common practice that can be witnessed at most of the massage centers. Meditation, a religious activity is also one of the best things to try out during your visit to Thailand.


Thailand is home to numerous Spas where one can get rid off their daily stresses, and physical pain & strains. Here one can find an array of spa treatments including massages (Ayurvedic), rubs & lotions, facials, herbal treatments, mud &body wraps and scrubs. Some of the other pain relieving treatments offered at the spas in Thailand are acupressure and aromatherapy.


Meditation is a vital and most prized component of Buddhist philosophy. In Thailand it has been practiced as a religious practice from hundreds of years. This religious practice has today become one of the best methods to counter stress and rejuvenate oneself. There are a large number of mediation centers in Thailand, which offer a heavenly experience to the visitors. While some are run by Buddhist temples and sects, others are privately owned. Some famous meditation centers in Thailand are :

• International Buddhist Meditation Centre (I.B.M.C.), Bangkok
• The House of Dhamma, Bangkok
• World Fellowship of Buddhists, Bangkok
• POP House, Pathum Thani
• Karuna Meditation Center, Phuket

Alternative Medicine & Healing in Thailand

• Bangkok Natural Healing, Bangkok
• Integrated Medical Clinic, Chiang Mai
• Integrated Medical Clinic and Ayurveda School, Chiang Mai