Food And Drink :


Thailand food is loved all over the world for its colorful splatter. Such is the variety here that you can enjoy a different delicacy every day of the year. Generally all of the Thai food is cooked using fresh ingredients. Some of the most common ingredients of thai food are vegetables, pork, fish, beef etc. While lime juice, lemon grass, coriander add some ting to the dishes, some fresh chilies are always ready to spice up a delicacy. Black pepper, ginger, tamarind, coconut milk etc, are an integral part of curries.

Apart from dishes, drinks like Beers, spirits, and wines are also loved by Thai people. Some of the lip-smacking dishes that will amaze your taste buds are :

Gaengmus-sa-man                          : Rich spicy curry with beef or chicken
Gaeng kari gai         : Mild yellow curry with chicken
Gaeng khiaw waan                   : Sweet green curry with coconut milk and shrimp, chicken,      or beef
Tom yam kung : Spicy soup with lime juice, lemon grass, mushroom and shrimp
Tom khaa gai : Soup with galangal root, chicken feet and coconut milk
Gaeng jeud       :  Chilly free soup with vegetables and minced pork
Khao phat          : Fried rice with shrimp, beef, pork or chicken
Khao man gai          : Sliced boiled chicken over marinated rice
Khao na phet : Roast duck over rice.
Kuay-tiaw nam    : Soup with rice noodles, meat and vegetables
Laat naa : Rice noodles, meat and vegetables in a thick gravy
Phad siyu : Fried rice noodles with meat and vegetables
Sang kha-yaa maphraow :  
Coconut custard :  
Kluay khaek                                    : Fried banana
Mamuang khao niaw : Ripe mango with sticky rice in coconut cream