Passport And Visa :

The Immigration Act B.E. 2522 (1979) section 5, 12 (1), 34 (15) includes complete information about issuance of visa for travellers. Every visitor in Thailand has to present a valid passport, whether a visa is required or not depends on the duration of your stay. Though most of the visitors have to obtain their visa before entering Thailand, there are some who are issued a Visa on arrival at an international airport, a border crossing, or an immigration checkpoint.

The travellers from Countries which have agreements with Thailand are allowed to enter Thailand without a visa, which are either issued by embassies & consulates (outside Thailand), or the Immigration Bureau of the Royal Thai Police (within Thailand).

30-day visits :

Travellers who in Thailand on a month long visit can enjoy a visa free stay. The citizens from the following countries can enjoy this privilege:

- Australia : Commonwealth of Australia
- Austria : Republic of Austria
- Belgium : Kingdom of Belgium
- Brazil : Federative Republic of Brazil (visit of not exceeding 90 days permitted)
- Bahrain : State of Bahrain
- Brunei Darussalam : Negara Brunei Darussalam
- Canada
- Denmark : Kingdom of Denmark
- Finland : Republic of Finland
- France : French Republic
- Germany : Federal Republic of Germany
- Greece : Hellenic Republic
- Hong Kong : Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
-Iceland : Republic of Iceland
- Indonesia : Republic of Indonesia
- Ireland : Republic of Ireland
- Israel : State of Israel
- Italy : Republic of Italy
- Japan
- Korea : Republic of Korea (visit of not exceeding 90 days permitted)
- Kuwait : State of Kuwait
- Luxembourg : Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
- Malaysia
- Monaco : Principality of Monaco
- Netherlands : Kingdom of the Netherlands
- New Zealand
- Norway : Kingdom of Norway
- Oman : Sultanate of Oman
- Peru : Republic of Peru (visit of not exceeding 90 days permitted)
- Philippines : Republic of the Philippines
- Portugal : Republic of Portugal
- Qatar : State of Qatar
- Singapore : Republic of Singapore
- Spain : Kingdom of Spain
- South Africa : Republic of South Africa
- Sweden : Kingdom of Sweden
- Switzerland : Swiss Confederation
- Turkey : Republic of Turkey
- United Arab Emirates
- United Kingdom : United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
- United States of America
-Vietnam : Socialist Republic of Vietnam

60-day visits :

If you wish to stay in Thailand for a near about 60 days, then you can avail for a two-month tourist visa at the Thai embassy in your native country. However, if you are already in Thailand and wish to extend your period of stay, then you can apply for a one-month extension from an immigration office.

Visits longer than 60 days :

Travellers who wish to explore Thailand deeply and stray for more than two months require a ‘Non-Immigrant Visa’. This visa does not fall in the tourist visa category and the applicant has to meet certain requirements to attain this visa. The ‘Non-Immigrant Visa’ is issued for a total of 3 months and can be extended under some circumstances to one year.

Full details:

You can contact the Thai Embassy for complete visa requirements provided by Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.