Phones And Internet Service :

Internet has rapidly become one of the most vital parts of our lives. Whether we are travelling or going on a vacation, we all love to stay connected to our friends and family socially. And, it's not just the need to stay connected; we can also give our social circle an insight into what we are up to. One of the most common problems that travellers face during travelling is of internet. Though most of the hotels and resorts offer internet and Wi-Fi facilities one can also find easy internet services easily in Thailand. And, you will be glad to know that the cost involved in setting up internet access is quite low as compared to rest countries of the world.

There are a large number of internet providers in Thailand. Some of them are listed below :

• CAT Telecom
• Pacific Internet
• Jasmin Internet
• Anet
• Samart Connect
• CS Loxinfo
• KSC Internet

According to your usage, one can choose the internet connection like
• Dial-up connection
• Broadband ADSL Connection

If you wish to avail a broadband connection, you will have to provide your broadband providers with the listed documents:
• Passport
• Valid visa
• A copy of work permit (if applicable)
• Wireless internet access
Internet cafés are also a great option to access internet in Thailand.

Phone services

The famous telecommunication companies in Thailand are:
• Advanced Info Service (AIS)
• True, formerly "Orange"
• D Total Access Communications (DTAC)

One can purchase a local SIM card & prepaid phone cards for air time at any retail outlet. You can also “register” your number; in case you lose your mobile phone, you can ask your service provider to replace the SIM card with the same number.