Top 6 must –see attractions in Bangkok

Bangkok a city of fascinating culture or a cultural hub of Thailand is great city to plan your vacation. With elegant buildings, exciting nightlife, wonderful attractions, interesting festivals, magnificent events and last but not the least shopping, Bangkok is somewhere you can find everything. You will be delighted with the fact that the city is blessed with traveler’s enjoyment. For your convenience, we have brought you some favorite destination of Bangkok where you can travel around during your vacation.

A desirable place among the travelers, Bangkok has plenty to offer. The major city of Thailand is steadily increasing; however, the splendor and glory of its memorable past still triumph.

The fabulous palaces, amazing temples and globally recognized floating market are something different to this side of the globe. There are also massages, open sky bars & restaurants and comfy hotels to treat your soul. It is definitely to excite you with its elegant colors, energy, sightseeing, shopping and a lot more.To visit this amazing place , you need financial assistance, kindly contact our loan vendors, for assistance, get loan a head loans.

Grand Palace & Wat Prakeaw in Old City
Grand Palace & Wat Prakeaw in Old City

Grand Palace :

The Grand Palace is the most popular attractions of Bangkok. Established in the 17th century, this regal building has wonderful architectures and is still used for significant ceremony.

The grand palace is separated into 3 zones –

Exterior court – Boasts offices, public structures and the Temple of Emerald Buddha

The Middle Court- Boasts the most significant residential and state structures

The Inner Court- Completely preserved for the royal families

Though, prior you visit this tombstone, make sure you dress suitably.


Giant Swing:

Travel one of the city’s most spiritual buildings – The Giant Swing. The site is close to Wat Suthat, Bangkok City Hall and The Brahman Temple. In 1784, it was used as Tri Yampawai, a Brahman ceremony where a priest pays homage to Lord Shiva to celebrate his yearly travel to the earth. The Giant Swing has witnessed various renovations and rebuilding; the recent Giant Swing was established in 2006.

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National Museum & Wang Na Palace:

If you get a chance to visit the National Museum and Wang Na Palace, make sure to spend half day for sightseeing. Here you can find regalia, spiritual and ritual relics, weaponry objects, musical instruments and other surprising structural design that are not to be found anywhere else.


Chatuchak Market:

A tour to Bangkok is incomplete without traveling to the biggest busy market in the globe – Chatuchak Market. It has more than 15,000 stores that provide you all. Those wish to witness the true Thai Life, must assure to maintain their schedule clear and move to the market. You will get all from Jewelry to tasty street foods and more.


Khao San Road:

No city tour is complete without traveling visiting the busy streets. The Khao San Road is one such place where travelers come from every part of the world. Not only that, 1 km long strip is filled with a number of budget accommodations, swanky bars & restaurants, spas, market stalls and many more.


Lumpini Park:

Lumpini Park is a paradise of tranquility and clean air – connecting city to nature. The park is spread in huge area and a house of diverse flora and fauna. The Park has over the years developed into the appealing center for leisure activities for the city. Enjoy a round of jog, workout, and a host of other free activities.

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