Top 10 Thailand Travel Tips

Planning for the tour of Thailand? If so, you are at the right place as we are going to tell you about the travel tips of this country. Fondly known as the ‘Land of Buddhist Temples’, this charming nation, which is famous as the ‘Travel Hub of Southeast Asia’, is counted among the most visited tourist destinations in the world. All the year round, a great number of honeymoon couples, vacationers and backpackers from all parts of the world escape to this beach destination to enjoy the tour. Check this link stepdaughter masturbate by this new portal

 Top 10 Thailand Travel Tips

For making the tour of Thailand convenient, here we have enlisted the top 10 Thailand travel tips. Read them carefully in order to make the tour easy and comfortable to your financial merchant advance funding.


  1. Do not drop or stand on currency

Normally, one should not drop or stand on the currency of any country. But, it is strictly prohibited in Thailand to drop the currency of this country or put one’s foot upon it as the coins and notes of the currency of this nation have the image of the ruling king of this country and that to do so could be regarded disrespectful towards the royal family of this country. It is also so that feet are regarded to be the lowest and the least clean part of the body. Therefore, one must not point one’s feet at anybody, cross the legs, sit cross legged or put the feet up. It is also advised that one must be careful about the honor of the king of this country.


  1. Always return a ‘Wai’

Involving bowing one’s head and retaining one’s hands in a praying gesture, the ‘Wai’ is a normal and courteous greeting. Everybody in Thailand you encounter will greet you in this way, so always return the smile and gesture as you do so. In case of greeting a monk, admin | Die besten Lotto Strategien you must remember to bend yourself from the waist with your head bowed and your hands together.


  1. Never touch the head of anyone

When in Thailand, you must remember not to touch the head of anyone as the head is regarded as the holy and venerable part in this country so even patting the head of anybody or touching the hair could be irritating anybody. While working with kids or volunteering, you should be particularly aware as it is the second nature of several people from the western countries that they ruffle the hair of the kids. Find out more on new bet9jamobile


  1. Cover up in temples

Before entering a temple in Thailand, you must make sure to be respectful and cover your chest and shoulders. In case of not being properly covered, you may get restricted entry or cause offense, so you should always maintain a shawl or some long sleeved clothing in your bag to show respect to the deity of the temple in this country.


  1. Be respectful to the monks

To learn about Buddhism and assist the Buddhist monks improve their English, you can meet and talk to them at the sessions held by several temples. When first meeting the monks, you should not be over familiar to them or ask personal questions about them. As it is strictly restricted to monks to have any physical contact with a woman, you should not touch them or even brush past them in case of your being a female.

  1. Get ready to pay more than the locals

When in Thailand, you must remember that some museums, galleries and temples impose different entry charges for Thai nationals and foreigners, and also that both entry fees are not always mentioned on the website or in the books of the guide and knowingmalta golden visa. In case of asking in advance, booking with a large group or going at off peak times, you may avoid this higher tourist fee.


  1. Do not beckon or point

You should put your hand out with your palm facing downwards and wave your fingers towards yourself in case of being desirous to motion to somebody to join you as both of these activities can be considered as rude or even sexually suggestive. To avoid causing offense, you may tilt your head towards to indicate with your chin. You should particularly avoid pointing at temples as this also applies to do with the buildings or objects. You should simply say ‘Wai’ as an apology in case of forgetting about the rules.


  1. Purchase a good map

When in Bangkok, the national capital city of Thailand, one should purchase a good map of this dazzling city because this cosmopolitan city can be confusing for its visitors from the foreign countries especially. The decent map must have the street names of this global city in English and Thai languages. You must remember that the winding river, the shifting street names, the expressways, etc.


  1. Savvy Street Food

In spite of being plentiful, amazingly cheap and of high quality, the Thai street food can also be a fast track to food poisoning. As a solution, you should adopt sensible precautions like rinsing hands before and afterwards and after all: you should eat where there is a mob; it is so that a faster turnover means fresher food. And you must also remember not to drink the tap water.


  1. Safe Sex

When in Thailand, you must make sure about a safe sex and must also remember that prostitution is illegal in this country while the sex industry is practiced everywhere here. You should not even consider about it as there are several ethical issues involved in this country and the issues of health and safety cannot be mentioned. For the best online betting tips check out free play no deposit keep winnings

On the basis of the things mentioned above, it can be surely said that by following these travel tips, the tourists of this country can make their tour easy, comfortable and convenient and cheaper with access to finances without having to check credit. In case of being desirous to take the chance of the tour of this charming nation, you can book Thailand Holiday Packages from India. All of these tour packages, which are available at reasonable prices, can also be customized according to the demand of the clients. To know more about the tour packages, you can also visit us online at:


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